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Tray Technology

Conventional and High Capacity Trays

Raschig offers you an extensive product portfolio and engineering expertise in the field of mass transfer trays, from the design of completely new columns to status analysis and revamps of existing installations. We provide the hydraulic and mechanical design matching your individual application and supply conventional and enhanced capacity trays. Ranging from sieve, dualflow and valve trays towards bubble, tunnel cap and fixed valve trays, various one- to four-pass assemblies are manufactured from diverse metallic or specific thermoplastic materials. We offer cartridge-trays for flanged columns with small diameters, chimney trays and special tray types like baffle trays or disk and donut trays.


Moreover, we can support you during shutdowns and turn-around services. We offer all kind of spare parts (for your provision and as consignment as well), inspection services and emergency delivery for rapid repairs.